Tuesday, February 15, 2011

POV and Theme Amy Tan "Rules of the Game"

“Rules of the Game”
“Rules of The Game” by Amy Tan is written in first person point of view. The protagonist is Waverly Place Jong whose mother named her after the street they lived on. The theme of the story is the rules of the game which is not just meant towards the rules of how to play chess, but the rules of life. The story’s theme teaches us not only how to play chess but what rules and attitudes that we should and should not live by. The story plays out the role of what it is like for child, mother and a family to grow up in and live in San Francisco’s Chinatown. It also expresses to us what it is like to grow up as a child in a Chinese family with a parent that cannot speak very good English. Theme is also based on what beliefs a mother has for her child and bout what the child learns from the beliefs she is taught by her.
What does the mother mean when she says “Wise guy, he not go against the wind”? Also what does this statement mean “in the Chinese we say, come from south, blow with wind-poom! - North will follow”? I knew when the story spoke about the old missing pieced chess board that the brother Vincent received came into the story it was going to have a big meaning to the story. I did not know then exactly why. I assumed it would have to do with teaching the children a life lesson about respecting others, and to appreciate things for what they are worth to a person not for the price of it. After reading the story I came to find out that it’s one of the life lessons in the theme of the story. Another lesson taught in the story was about how the protagonist first perceived and jugged the man in the park who later turned out to be a great part of her success. I found it very interesting that the protagonist believes that the real Santa is not Chinese. I wonder what makes her believe this.

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